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Additional Services

Academic Tutoring & School Contact Services

Our Academic Tutoring and School Contact Services are designed to help students who may struggling academically or need assistance organizing their time efficiently.  Psycho-educational testing is available to assess needs and identify any learning or emotional issues hindering school performance and success. 


Supervised & Alternative Housing Resources

We offer Supervised Alternative Housing Resources for young adults who struggle with school or are not yet ready to live on their own.   The structured environment helps kids get the footing they need to transition into adulthood.  


Drug Testing

We offer families the ability to randomly test levels for various substances through our multi-checkpoint drug screening test.  This can be done at our office or at your home.  

Drug Testing

Independent Living Skills

We teach Independent Living Skills to Young Adults who are struggling with their transition into adulthood. Attaining self-sufficiency and assuming responsibility for one's life is a gradual process for some young adults. We work with young adult clients to help them find their passion and help them launch into adulthood. 


Job Development 

Our Job Development program is designed to help young adults master the right tools for creating a resume, landing a job interview, preparing for an interview, and discussing their goals for their life and career. We support our clients in finding a part-time job all the way up to a full time career.


Companion Therapy

Our Companion Therapy is designed to help teenagers and young adults who may be suffering from social anxiety, depression, or similar issues; explore their environments and introduce them to new experiences. From working out in the gym to outdoor activities, our team is there to support the client.



We offer our clients various ways to relax their mind and body in our office. We have Yoga and Meditation instructors to work one-on-one with our clients. Through various practices, such as breathing techniques and guided imagery; our goal is to help our clients slow down the racing thoughts that may persist and confront issues that may be dormant.


Nutritional Assessment 

Our team works with a specialist who can help with Eating Disorders by way of a nutritional assessment. We help our clients get to the root of their eating issues and support them in making a change through therapy. Our nutritional assessment is designed to give us an idea of what type of therapies and interventions we may need to help. 


12 Step Program

In addition to our treatment program, we offer clients who struggle with addiction the ability to work through a 12 Step Program to combat their substance abuse.  Our staff is available to take clients to meetings and help get a sponsor for further support. 

12 Step
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