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Therapeutic Companionship Program 

Image by Joel Muniz

Farmers Market Opportunities 

At local Farmers Markets, our clients are able to be part of the action in helping to operate weekly and weekend markets. Our clients can provide assistance in various ways that is comfortable to them. We encourage our clients to help in numerous was, with set-up, greeting customers, working the information booth, taking pictures for social media, filling out questionnaires with the vendors, collecting the extra produce to be donated and more. We provide on-site support by working side-by-side to offer companionship, insight and feedback.  The goal of volunteering at the Farmers Markets is to promote socialization, confidence and job training skills.

Delivering Groceries and Goods 

Of One Mind staff supports clients in providing meals to those that are unable to get to the grocery store or who may be dealing with financial issues. We work with the client to collect the groceries and deliver them to the recipient. We work along side the client to support them until they are ready to do the work on their own or can continue providing companionship during the deliveries.

Food Delivery
Volunteers Packing Food

Helping Prepare Foods and Packaging 

We constantly are looking for ways to engage our clients with the community and help our clients overcome their issues around social anxiety. By supporting our clients at local Soup Kitchens, we are able to help build their confidence with interacting with new people. Volunteering at a Soup Kitchen is an ideal way to be an active member of a team and impact the lives of others.

Taking a Dog for a Walk

Sometimes our clients are just in the need of getting out of the house more. We work with several animal shelters in West Los Angeles that are in need of friendly faces to walk the dogs who are waiting to be adopted. Our clients not only build great relationships with the staff, but also with the animals. We support our clients at the shelters and are engaged with the animals just like them.

Girl with Dogs
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