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Individual, Couples, Family, & Multi-Family Therapy

Of One Mind offers therapy tailor-fit for your needs. Our staff consists of a variety of therapists with different approaches for individual, couples, family and multi-family therapy.  To schedule a consultation please click the link below.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Our Intensive Outpatient treatment program is designed specifically to each individual's needs. We offer different therapies including CBT, DBT and EMDR to help each client with their issues to specifically customize their time spent with us. Our IOP program runs from 3 to 7 days per week depending on need. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment 

We offer Dual Diagnosis Treatment to help clients suffering from substance abuse and a mental health issue. Our treatment program is catered to each individual's needs. We incorporate different therapeutic techniques to help these clients resolve substance abuse issues so they can focus on improving mental health and quality of life.

Psychological Assessment 

Our Psychological assessment evaluates each individual's behavior.  We offer Psychological Assessments to new clients to get an understanding of their specific needs and issues and to develop a treatment plan of how we can best serve them.

Ind Therapy

Therapeutic Services

Medication Evaluation 

Medication Evaluations are recommended to clients who we feel might benefit from a consultation.  We work with many Doctors on the West side including Dr. Philantha Kon.  

Psych Ass.
Med Ev.

Crisis Intervention

Our Crisis Intervention support is designed to help individuals and their families with short-term solutions that require an immediate response.  Crisis intervention can take place at the client's home in our office.  


Home Visits

Our Home Visits are designed to help families who are having trouble at home, especially with a child or young adult who is defiant and not respecting the family's request. Our therapist(s) can go to your home setting and work with the client.

Home Visit

Mindfulness Services 

Our Mindful Services are designed to help our clients open their mind and body to different techniques of relaxation. We offer different mindful services to cater to the client's specific issues of need.


Parenting Counseling, Consultations, & Support

Of One Mind offers various support groups and counseling for parents who may be having trouble at home.  These sessions can take place at our office or over video conferencing.  

Parenting Counseling
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