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The Parent Network

Join The Parent Network 

Of One Mind offers an ongoing series of support designed to help parents identify sources of conflict and develop new and effective strategies for resolving these issues. The Parent Network consists of lectures, seminars, and webinars that are intended to help guide parents through difficult times. During our sessions, parents have the opportunity for role-playing and question and answer segments. 


Speaking Engagements 

Our staff speaks regularly at various schools around Los Angeles on a wide range of topics from technology addiction to how to control an out of control teen. Of One Mind typically speaks at various schools, but also works with small groups in the community.


If you would like Of One Mind to speak at your school or setting, please contact us at


Upcoming Seminars 

Of One Mind offers seminars for parents at schools and in small group settings. If you are interested in attending an upcoming seminar, please join The Parent Network to be notified when and where the seminar is taking place. 


Of One Mind as spoken at numerous schools throughout Los Angeles including; Paul Revere, Santa Monica High, Harvard Westlake, Brentwood School, and more.


In-House Articles

If you would like to be read more about topics on parenting, family, teenagers, and adolescents, please be sure to view our blog and see what our therapist are writing about on specific topics. 


Links to Articles of Interest & Resources

Of One Mind likes to keep parents informed on the latest trends or issues that families may be dealing with. We post various sources of information on our website to help educate parents on current topics.


Like Our Facebook Page

Of One Mind is on Facebook and we like to share and post articles that we believe can help parents to stay in the know of things. We also post about seminars and events that are happening on our page as well as tickets to these events.


Ask Us a Question 

Do you wish you could ask a therapist about a specific problem you or a family member might be facing? If there is an issue you need guidance on, click the link below.

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